Decarbonising the fisheries and aquaculture industry
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Norway aims to cut its emissions of CO2 in half by 2030


Marine Gasoil accounts for over 20% of Norway's petroleum consumption

Solutions are within reach

ZeroKyst will set into motion a rapid technology shift for all vessel types in the fisheries and aquaculture industry


Develop and demonstrate a zero-emission powertrain


Develop a new zero-emission vessel

Flere fartøy

Retrofit 10 vessels to zero-emission propulsion

Forsyning av elektrisitet og hydrogen

Flexible supply of electricity and hydrogen

The solutions of the future

ZeroKyst will demonstrate scalable solutions for zero-emission propulsion, directed at both national and international markets. The project will also develop the knowledge necessary to enable the transition to zero-emission.

Karoline: Verdens første elektriske fiskebåt

Partners from the whole value chain

The ZeroKyst consortium includes powertrain developers, shipbuilders and shipyards, a municipality, an industry cluster, a research institute and a university.