Fishing boats in Lofoten
Fishing boats in Lofoten

Introducing Lofotsjark 2 – the first electric-propulsion boat built in Lofoten

Ballstad slip invited today fishermen and members of the general public to visit Lofotsjark 2, the first electric-propulsion boat built in the Lofoten.

Visitors got information about the boat and the potential to combine propulsion solutions and fishing equipment in such vessels. The boat is 10.65 m long and 5.4 m wide. It has a cargo hold of 3x10 m3, hybrid propulsion by Hymatech with a 160 kWh battery, and a Cummins 9 L diesel engine.

Lofotsjark 2 is the first electric-propulsion boat built in Lofoten

This hybrid-electric vessel is the first concrete result from the ZeroKyst project, which is a national collaboration for green technology development, with Ballstad slip, Lofotkraft muligheter and Flakstad municipality as partners from the Lofoten area.

The objective is to develop coastal vessels with low or zero emissions, and good charging infrastructure and hydrogen bunkering solutions in harbours. This will help reduce the fishing fleet's energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.