LYDLØS LOFOTEN – Presentation of electric vessels at LofotFishing 2023

For the first time, there will be a common presentation of electric vessel solutions for fishing, aquaculture, tourism and leisure. This is happening as ZeroKyst, in collaboration with Lofotrådet and the soundless community, is organising a seminar on 16 March at LofotFishing 2023 in Kabelvåg.

We are proud to present 11 new companies with new technological solutions that will contribute in a tangible way to the green transition on the coast. Firstly, new and upgraded technology will be presented at a seminar, for electric-propulsion fishing vessels and service vessels for aquaculture. Then, we will present solutions for energy-efficient and zero-emission vessels for tourism and leisure. The keywords are hull design that includes hydrofoils or air cushions, among other solutions.

Norway is behind with regards to reaching the climate targets it adopted, and the work to develop zero-emission vessels is important to increase the country's competitiveness in the fisheries and aquaculture industries, and in other sea-based industries. The EU and the market are implementing more stringent requirements for companies to document the carbon footprint of fish and seafood. For fishers, electrifying can also result in lower operational costs and a better working environment.

For the second time, R&I project ZeroKyst is participating in the Northern Norway fishery conference LofotFishing. The event has become an important meeting point and marketplace for industry professionals and others who work with the development of technology and regulation for the coastal fleet and ports.

In order to convey the results of the subprojects of ZeroKyst and get an anchoring in the region's development, a collaboration has now been established between ZeroKyst and Lofotrådet's development programme "De Grønne Øyene" where the 6 municipalities in Lofoten have adopted ambitious and concrete roadmaps for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, including transport and coastal fishing. In addition, we also have the professional community behind the Lydløs festival in Arendal and the Norwegian Electric Boat Association.

As a result of this collaboration, ZeroKyst, Lofoten De Grønne Øyene and the soundless community will have a breakfast seminar in Svolvær on 16 March ahead of LofotFishing 2023. There will be short presentations from ZeroKyst about the status of the various subprojects. In addition, there will be a presentation of companies that have solutions to make tourism and leisure boats fast and emission-free (see the programme).

In addition to the seminar, there will be a joint stand at the fishing conference LofotFishing in Kabelvåg from Thursday to Saturday. We have called this scheme LYDLØS LOFOTEN (in English: Soundless Lofoten). At this event, partner companies of ZeroKyst can meet the market and various players, in addition to presenting their technology company as relevant for the green shift.

Download the programme (in Norwegian)


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