MS Skårongen
MS Skårongen

ZeroKyst partner Selfa Arctic AS delivers unique school boat to Senja high school

This is the third Selfa vessel the school acquires for teaching purposes.

Troms and Finnmark County authorities had a large tender competition in 2020, seeking offers for a vessel for Senja high school, and another one for Skjervøy.

Selfa Arctic AS won the contract for Senja – the other vessel was not ordered because the tenders were far too expensive in relation to the available budget.

Senja high school has had fisheries education for many years. In 2000, the school bought a Selfa Kystsjark 26' for teaching purposes. In 2003, the shipyard built a new Selfa Kystsjark 35' for the school, which has been used for teaching ever since.

The new vessel

The new vessel is a Selfa Max 1199. The boat is specially built for the purpose, with two driver positions, an electronics package that could be on the largest vessels as well as a paperless chart system and room for 8 students. In addition, the vessel can operate on electric propulsion in all weather conditions.

MS Skårongen is also part of the Zerokyst project, which develops new technology for lower emissions in the fisheries and aquaculture industry.

Zerokyst involves a total of 11 companies participating through five work packages. The entire project is valued at approximately 200 million NOK over a three-year period. A great deal of new technology is – and will be – developed and delivered during the project period, especially in Nordland and Troms.

MS Skårongen

The design is a Selfa MAX standard hull that Selfa introduced in 2013. The hull design has gained a very good reputation due to fantastic sea characteristics, low fuel consumption and very good capacity in the hold and for the fishing operation.

The vessel has the following basic dimensions:

Length: 11.98 metres

Width: 4.30 metres

The vessel has been fitted with a "Selfa Kontroll" ballast system which optimises the trim of the vessel.

The hull

The hull, bulkhead, superstructure and aft deck are vacuum cast. This technology provides a fantastically rigid and warm construction, which gives the boat/construction a very long life.


The new boat is specially designed for school use. The steering house has two steering positions, and room for 8 students and a teacher. "Selfa Dørkvarmeanlegg" provides a dry and good indoor environment in both the wheelhouse and cabin. A very advanced electronics package has been installed, which makes the teaching relevant up to the largest vessels.

Aft deck

The aft deck is also designed to provide optimal teaching opportunities. The aft ramp has extra width, at 90 cm, for universal accessibility. Likewise, the hatch has a height of 23 cm for the same reason.

Lorentzen Hydraulikk AS provided
800 kg net hauler
800 kg line hauler
Net sorting arm
Net untangler
Anchor winch

Nordkran AS provided
Fassi M30AMF 3 Tm crane

Nordic Supply Systems AS provided
Ziegra ice machine

Cargo hold

The hold is designed for carrying live fish, and has all the advantages a composite boat can offer

  • Completely sealed safe compartments between the engine room, cargo room and wheelhouse/cabin
  • Hygienic and smooth surfaces that ensure top quality fish

Cargo spaces are filled and emptied efficiently and quickly with CEM 070 pumps from Leif H Strøm AS

Engine room

A HybridX hybrid system supplied by Hymatech AS has been installed.
The installation has a diesel engine that produces 290 hp at 1,800 rpm.
Electric propulsion is provided by a water-cooled electric motor that produces 132 kW.
The hydraulic system is driven by an electric motor, and is independent of the propulsion machinery.
The batteries are water-cooled for optimal safety and longevity.


The vessel is approved as a fishing vessel under 15 metres. DNV has been the inspection body responsible for approving and issuing vessel instructions. Testing and approval of the crane has been carried out by NSK.


Shipping company:
Troms and Finnmark County, Tromsø
Project leader Jan Tore Eriksen – 91548420

Ship owner:

Senja high school, Gibostad
Teacher Kjetil Ronesen – 95993493

Boat building:

Selfa Arctic AS, Rødskjærveien 2, 9430 Sandtorg
Erik Ianssen – 90922915