Gruppebilde tatt ved ZeroKyst kick-off
Photo: Magnar Johansen, Lofotposten
Gruppebilde tatt ved ZeroKyst kick-off

ZeroKyst project kickstarts in Lofoten

ZeroKyst is a three-year research and development project that will develop technology for zero-emission vessels. The project started with two productive days in western Lofoten, on December 7th and 8th, 2021.

ZeroKyst – important for the transition of coastal industries

ZeroKyst is a collaborative project where different technology companies come together to develop solutions for zero-emission propulsion aboard fishing vessels and other commercial vessels along the coast. It provides an important contribution to the green transition of the coastal industries. The consortium is composed of 12 industry and research partners from the whole value chain. It is led by Selfa Arctic AS, in Trondheim, and organised through the RENERGY industry cluster. The Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway provide financing.

ZeroKyst will develop and demonstrate a zero-emission powertrain, a zero-emission vessel with battery and hydrogen fuel cells, as well as services for retrofitting and maintaining zero-emission vessels. On shore, the project will establish pilot charging facilities at four different harbours in the Lofoten archipelago. A small-scale hydrogen production plant will also be built, with transport to a harbourside filling station. The project will also investigate possibilities for the joint use of the charging infrastructure by seagoing vessels and road vehicles.

The project also has a collaborative and knowledge-building component (KSP), where research partners SINTEF and NTNU will build upon the industrial part of the project through the development of skills, models and technology. This will contribute to the fishery and aquaculture industry's goals of cutting emissions in half by 2030, and eliminating them completely by 2050. Furthermore, the KSP will develop fundamental knowledge and research results that can be published.

Bilde av solnedgang i Lofoten
Photo: Andrei Morch

Kick-off in Lofoten

The kick-off of ZeroKyst's activities was organised by the project partners located in the Lofoten: Lofotkraft Muligheter, Ballstad Slip and Flakstad municipality. There were work meetings on both days, where project partners introduced themselves, and the different subprojects were presented. Meeting participants discussed co-dependencies between the subprojects and the relationship between the industry part and the KSP.

The first meeting of the ZeroKyst management group was also held as a part of the kick-off, with representatives from all project partners. Among other things, it was decided that the project would establish a reference group, a working committee and a communications committee.

Open mini-seminar for fishers and vessel owners

As a part of the kick-off, ZeroKyst organised a free mini-seminar directed at fishers, vessel owners and other local actors wishing to explore solutions for more climate-friendly and efficient operations along the coast. The project was presented to the participants, and the different partners explained what their respective contributions would be. Participants then had the possibility to ask questions and make comments, which initiated a good dialogue about the goals of the project. Local press was also present.

Excursion to possible charging locations for fishing vessels

The following day, participants went on an excursion to explore different harbours where charging points could be installed, in Flakstad municipality. By the same token, participants got the chance to talk to local fishers. Afterwards, the group went to visit Ballstad Slip shipyard, where 10 diesel-powered vessels will be retrofitted to hybrid-electric propulsion, as part of the ZeroKyst project.

Photo: Sigrid Lædre