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ZeroKyst will set into motion a rapid technology shift for all vessel types in the fisheries and aquaculture industry. The project will develop and demonstrate a new zero-emission powertrain (Siemens Blue Drive and HybridZ), a new zero-emission vessel, 10 retrofitted vessels, services for retrofitting and maintaining zero-emission vessels, and a complete solution for a flexible supply of electricity and green hydrogen as maritime fuel.

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emissions cut

ZeroKyst will contribute to a 50 % emissions reduction from fishing and aquaculture vessels by 2030, and has a value creation potential of upwards of 100 billion NOK. A hybrid zero-emission solution, consisting of combination of battery and fuel cell technology, will ensure long range and short bunkering times. The project will develop new solutions for flexible and cost-efficient hydrogen production, distribution and refueling. It will also develop and test charging infrastructure that efficiently leverages the existing power grid.

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Konseptikkustrasjon for ZeroKyst
  1. Barge with hydrogen and electricity storage, fuel cell, charging point and hydrogen filling station
  2. Pier with charging point
  3. Boat with zero-emission powertrain
  4. Electrolysis plant with hydrogen storage and hydrogen filling station
  5. Fish hatchery with oxygen and heat supply from the electrolysis plant

Project partners

The consortium gathers companies from the whole value chain for future fishing and aquaculture vessels. Partners include powertrain developers (Hymatech and Siemens Energy), shipbuilders and shipyards (Selfa Arctic and Ballstad Slip), a shipping company (Øra), energy and infrastructure suppliers (H2 Marine, Plug and Lofotkraft), a municipality (Flakstad municipality), an industry cluster (Renergy), a research institute (SINTEF) and a university (NTNU).

Such a varied group is needed because the project will require efforts across the value chain to unlock the potential for innovation and enable value creation. It will also to build the necessary trust to realise the transition to zero-emission, which will in turn give the Norwegian fisheries and aquaculture industry a competitive advantage.

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